Welcome to CIUDADMERCED.MX, final window of the project under same name, based in the old Merced Barrio, located in the heart of Mexico City. The project consisted of a workshop program with the community, a research notebook , a cinematographic documentary and this hypertext.

Use the arrows (left and right) to navigate through the photographs and explore the 13 videos distributed among them. The experience is contemplated to last around 25 minutes.

Ciudad Merced (Merced City) was an artistic and community project held between december 2011 and december 2013. It consisted of art and culture workshops, artistic interventions, a book, a film and a web site. In a way, it is an exploration of the territory through the evolution of narrative (textual-audiovisual-hypertextual) and the relation that this evolution holds with urban space.

The project was developed by menuma / narrativa a la deriva, in collaboration with La Casa del Cine MX and with support from Latattore Foundation and Bonus CWMX. To find out about dates and places of projection of the film, and more projects by menuma / narrativa a la deriva, visit: www.menumamedia.net/blog

Direction, script and coordination
Pablo Martínez Zárate
Isabel Gil, Carlos Sosa and Mauricio Fabre
Production coordinator
Luisa Cortés
Photography (video)
Marc Bellver
Emilio Reyes Bassail and Pablo Acevedo
Illustrations for platform
Omar Soto Martínez
Gerardo Vidal Arellano
Graphic Design
Karla Contreras
Videos, photos and audio (site)
Pablo Martínez Zárate
(More credits in book and film)

Ciudad Merced, 2013. México.

Direction: Pablo Martínez Zárate
Production: Isabel Gil, Carlos Sosa and Mauricio Fabre
Production coordinator: Luisa Cortés
Music: Emilio Reyes Bassail and Pablo Acevedo
Photography: Marc Bellver
Assemblage: Pablo Martínez Zárate and Oswaldo H. Trujillo
Sound Design: Arturo Zárate

Poster Ciudad Merced
The first day of the eye
And then you’ll see me
You were stone
Travel on metrobus
One minute of your time
Ride a bike
Walk through the market
Exit in metro
They cannot fly
Travel notebook 1/3
Travel notebook 2/3
Travel notebook 3/3
Take it, take it!